Plastic Injection Moulding For Hobby Stores

Gardening Centres are a great place to buy all of the supplies and tools that you may need for your garden. Some of these items can be quite expensive, especially those that are made from high quality materials and durable metals. A cheaper alternative would be to buy gardening tools made of plastic. A lot of these items are made using plastic injection moulding which can help these items be made quickly and become mass produced. They may not be as strong or durable as other tools but they certainly get the job done. Lets say that you are a business owner and specifically in the business of running a garden center. You are aware that many plants can be grown in pots but need pots of specific sizes given the root space and watering needs of each species. While it is technically possible to grow everything in ceramic or heavy plastic pots that are sold at retail prices, your business could get a huge boost if it obtained its own wholesale source of plastic containers. 

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What products do Gardening Centres sell?

A gardening center sells a variety of supplies for people who like to garden and in particular to serious hobbyists who have a sophisticated knowledge of gardening and want products that are specific and attractive. A customer could well go to a large retail store and buy a bunch of mediocre and mass produced supplies that would suit a beginner orsomeone with a garden that does not extend more than two feet past their back porch. Real enthusiasts come looking for specific things.

Plastic gardening products are affordable 

This means they want shovels, stiff rakes, and compost; but they also want very particular items to feed potting soil and perhaps attractive containers in which to place their cherished plants. For a small shop owner, this means buying a variety of attractive pots from wholesaler and marking them up, having more specialized tools as well as higher quality tools that are more than simply bent sheet metal. Most people do not know what to do with naturally acidic bark mulch, but your customers do.

This leaves your business with the problem of persuading people to shop there instead of a more generalized retailer. One solution is for the owner to also be an expert on gardening, and customers would most certainly expect someone to be able to see eye to eye with their particular fascination. Having tools that are actually excellent for their given task also shows the distinction of a place run by a real expert.

Attracting customers is still a challenge, even with your expert eyes on the job. One way to get an advantage is to form a business relationship with a medium scale producer of plastic products. It might still strike some small business owners as an astonishing idea to have a plastic injection moulding company as apart of their preferred vendors, but careful research will show that this can be very affordable to a small business.

Casting Plastic

Casting plastic in a modest quantity is actually quite cheap. One of the bigger expenses is actually having a mould made. Otherwise, the process of having heated plastic poured into the mould and each cast removed with a robot is a largely automated process that is quite cost effective, if you find the right vendor. It was previously the case that these types of jobs had to be huge orders, but not anymore. 
This type of casting technology uses a cheap material and can be used either to obtain a pot size that you need more cheaply or to cast something that is unique to your store. Promotional items are common ways for small businesses to advertise themselves in a cost effective manner. Having a plastic cast with your store's name on it is a little more expensive than a handbag, but it really does attract people. Give your company a name for quality, and people will want your custom pots as well.